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Dialyze Direct Caps Off Year of Exceptional Growth with the First Missouri Location, Expanded Presence in Florida and New York


NEPTUNE, NJ, DECEMBER 21, 2021 – Dialyze Direct, the nation’s leading provider of home hemodialysis services in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), announced today that it has expanded its footprint to Missouri and has increased its operations in Florida and New York. These new locations cap off a year of remarkable growth for Dialyze Direct. 

“It’s exhilarating to reflect on the significant growth we’ve achieved in 2021, in terms of the thousands of individuals we provide a gentler, more dignified and more effective dialysis treatment by utilizing the NxStage dialysis machine,” said President and Co-Founder Josh Rothenberg. “Six years ago, we set out to reimagine the dialysis regimen for geriatric nursing home patients living with End Stage Renal Disease. We have successfully built an organization that offers a new model of care to SNFs onsite, that reduces the cost of sending their patients to other facilities for dialysis, reduces re-hospitalizations and risk of infection – and increases dialysis patients’ quality of life. In the year ahead, we will continue to work diligently toward our steadfast mission: to bring better dialysis, the Dialyze Direct home hemodialysis regimen, to as many people as we possibly can.”  

Dialyze Direct, which established the superior standard of care in SNFs by offering a gentler and more patient-centric model of care, now provides services to thousands of SNF patients across 12 states including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. The number of patients benefitting from the Dialyze Direct model of care increased by 15%, with Dialyze Direct also succeeding in substantial health care payor network expansion, allowing for more dialysis patients to be eligible to receive Dialyze Direct care.  

“The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored how valuable it is for skilled nursing facilities to mitigate risk by treating dialysis patients onsite rather than transporting them to outside facilities. Not only do Dialyze Direct’s staff-assisted home hemodialysis programs keep everyone in nursing home communities safer, pandemic or not, patient outcomes are significantly improved,” said Dr. Allen Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer. “It’s thrilling to see how well patients respond to our model of care, from recovering more quickly following treatment to reducing the number of medications they require and, ultimately, living happier and healthier lives. In my 40 years as a nephrologist, I’ve never been more enthusiastic about the standard of care I’m able to help deliver to patients whose lives depend on it.” 

About Dialyze Direct 

Dialyze Direct, founded in 2016, is a leading kidney care innovation company that pioneers breakthrough solutions for patients suffering from kidney disease. With a mission to build the next generation of kidney care, Dialyze Direct works with the world’s preeminent nephrology talent to develop new methods and technology to evolve the treatment options nephrologists have at their disposal. The company’s initial focus is on skilled nursing facilities, in which many of the most medically challenging subsets of dialysis patients reside. Dialyze Direct’s innovative staff-assisted home hemodialysis treatment model entails a gentler, personalized treatment plan comprised of meticulously crafted protocols and procedures that specifically tackle the unique fluid management challenges of geriatric dialysis patients, resulting in increased overall patient health and reduced hospitalizations while substantially decreasing costs for payors. Dialyze Direct currently operates in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas and is in the process of launching operations in additional states. 

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