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Individualized, outcome-focused treatments

Our geriatric patient demographic is complex. We recognize that treatment should be individualized to get the best results. By putting the results of each patient first, we’re taking steps towards improving dialysis for this vulnerable community and reducing the burden of care for all.

Leading the way in treatment

Typical dialysis removes fluid rapidly, which puts exceptional stress on the body, especially the heart. We regulate and remove fluid as gradually as possible, making it gentler for the unique needs of our vulnerable geriatric patients.

The results our patients deserve

94% reduction in vascular infections

Because our nurses are highly trained, the time and attention to detail spent on patients’ vascular access is increased.This is one important way our staff is able to provide exceptional focus and care for every patient which helps drive our exceptional outcomes.

73% of our patients recover from treatment within 30-60 minutes

With quicker recovery time, our patients can actively participate in rehab. Conventional dialysis patients may not be able to work on their recovery because they feel tired and uncomfortable for longer periods of time following treatment.

65% reduction in dialysis-related hospitalizations

Frequent and costly hospitalizations are common in conventional dialysis patients. Our gentler treatment results in significantly lowered dialysis-related hospitalizations, improving patients’ overall quality of life and lessening the logistical and financial burden.

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