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High level expertise for outcome-focused treatment

Our primary goal:

Our primary goal: By striving for gentler treatments, we enable our patients to live with dialysis, not for dialysis.

Our customized treatment:

The ability to create and execute a treatment plan customized for the unique needs of the medically complex geriatric patient population is a game-changing specialty.

Our specialized staff:

Our comprehensively trained staff provides dialysis in a way that helps patients thrive in the nursing home – this requires knowledge and expertise beyond dialysis and the unique needs of geriatric patients.

Our data:

Analyzing data from our hundreds of thousands of treatments has enabled us to thoughtfully improve quality of care for our patients. All treatment data is routed through Dialyze Direct’s machine learning-driven clinical support engine, DialyzeIntelligence, giving our clinical leadership a comprehensive view of each patient and the overall patient landscape to make informed treatment decisions seamlessly.

Redefining fluid management

We believe administering dialysis 3x per week under conventional methods doesn’t remove enough fluid for geriatrics to have a healthy outcome. The remaining fluid causes the heart to work harder to circulate it, which is a major factor why cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death (41%) in dialysis patients.¹ Fluid needs to be removed more often and in a gentler manner — and we’ve got outstanding results that prove out our vision.

Nurses with a specialized skillset

Our nurses are specifically certified to practice dialysis and are trained in our unique outcome-driven approach. They provide the highest degree of quality care and can adapt to the dynamic changes that come with our patients’ complex health needs. Dialyze Direct nurses are a significant reason why we have almost no infections within our patient group, reducing access infections by 94% compared to traditional dialysis centers.²

A caring, attentive environment

Camaraderie in caring

Our patients feel supported by our dedicated staff (nurses, dieticians, and social workers), who they see 5 days a week. In addition to seeing the same friendly faces, our comfortable dialysis dens are a great area of support. They’re designed to foster a naturally social environment, unlike the isolation many patients experience at large, impersonal dialysis clinics.

Mental and physical well-being

In our more personal dialysis environment, patients no longer feel like just another chair in an outpatient center. Our approach is designed with patients’ overall well-being in mind. Our patients feel much better physically, so they feel better mentally. And when our patients do well, their families benefit, too.

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