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Who we are

Dialyze Direct was founded by a group of individuals who dared to care differently. By challenging the status quo of a stagnant system, we took the first step in a journey to explore methods of enhanced-care. This led to our proprietary treatment approach that is both gentler and more outcome-driven than typical dialysis.

Our focus on the difference that this enhanced-care makes inspired renowned nephrologists and other medical and healthcare professionals to join the Dialyze Direct team. Our passion and professionalism attracted more and more like-minded professionals, validating and further driving our belief that there is a real need for a streamlined, patient-specific treatment model. And Dialyze Direct is that model.

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Our values


We will do whatever is necessary to improve every part of a patient’s treatment and experience so we can enhance their quality of life as much as possible.


We believe in providing an uncompromising level of care, respect and humanity in everything we do for every patient.

Teamwork and technology:

We continue to embrace innovative technologies and traditional values to provide the highest standard of personalized care.


We will relentlessly keep redefining our standards of care while never compromising the comfort, safety, and well-being of our patients.

How far we've come and where we're going
2015: Born of a personal story

Our co-founder, Josh, and his family learns that his mother-in-law, Martha, is diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). After feeling her health and quality of life diminish at a treatment center, she asks to be taken off dialysis, effectively ending her life. Josh convinces the local clinic to train him to provide Martha home dialysis, a treatment that no one ever told them existed. Her vibrancy returns and her health improves. Henry Kauftheil, moved by her story, partners with Josh to make home dialysis available to geriatric patients nationwide.

2016: Building big starts early

We find the experts in the field and ask them to reinvent a broken wheel: “How would you reimagine dialysis?” The answer: gentler care in the home.

With clinicians as our guide, we build a robust infrastructure for the most challenging patients: geriatrics in nursing homes. Our world-class team meticulously stress-tests a new standard of care. Our strategy: If we can solve this, we can help anyone.

2017: Data-driven compassion

Our clinical team works tirelessly for real-time data from the field to address patients’ needs before they arise. We launch a live clinical beta that fed data into our decision-support engine and see what happens when we offer real treatments: transformative outcomes. We begin expansion efforts to become a first-mover in several states. Towards the end of the year, Bob Ehrlich, former Chairman and CEO of the largest dialysis company in the world, joins us as an investor and advisor.

2018: Making room for massive change

Our unique clinical superiority maintains at scale:

  • Patients stay out of the hospital.
  • Infections are almost completely eliminated.
  • Costs plummet, patient-well being soars and everyone hops on board.

We weather the storm of meticulous state-by-state regulatory approval. Insurance companies recognize our improved outcomes and we make widespread payment contracts, signing 100+ Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) partners.

2019: Becoming the leader
  • We launch operations in the 100+ SNF partners across 8 states.
  • Driven by compassion and the desire to innovate, we partner with MIT to develop a “Next-Gen” graphene dialysis membrane for other life-saving applications.
  • We achieve landmark approval in New York.
  • We acquire Affiliated Dialysis Centers and become the largest in-SNF dialysis company in the country.
  • Jerry Levin, former CEO of Time Warner and a dialysis patient, joins us as Chief Mission Officer.
  • We launch a home dialysis pilot across several states.
2019: The world shifts
  • A bi-partisan bill reforming kidney care makes headlines following an Executive Order (Advancing: American Kidney Care), mandating a move towards home dialysis and transplants.
  • The Patient Driven Payment Model is announced, shifting nursing homes from volume-based to value-based.
2020: Continued growth with a patient-first approach

We continue national expansion with plans to further provide compassionate care across the full spectrum of kidney disease.