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Easing and optimizing the journey from hospital to nursing home

The discharge process from hospital to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is stressful on both patient and hospital. Patients may have trouble finding a nearby dialysis clinic with availability, wonder about the quality of care they’ll receive, and have anxiety about their overall recovery. Hospitals face the challenge of needing to make efficient and effective decisions to discharge their patients, while also doing what’s best for their health and well-being.

We take all this into account. We streamline the entire journey beginning before a patient ever leaves the hospital. Once we receive the information and instruction we need from the hospital, we are on-site and prepared before the patient arrives, reducing stress levels so patients feel confident and can focus on recovery. Together, our in-SNF home dialysis and proprietary dialysis care model eliminates disruptive and uncomfortable transportation and treatment.

The support our patients deserve

Informed, educated patients

Many patients are unfamiliar with more frequent dialysis; they’re used to the typical 3x per week treatment. On day one, our skilled and compassionate nurses take our patients through the process, showing them how it works, why we do it and ultimately, how our gentler process results in better outcomes.

Customized, coordinated care

Many of our patients have other health issues that are impacted directly by their kidney care and vice versa. It is difficult for large outpatient dialysis centers to have daily communication with each patient’s SNF. Our registered nurses, dieticians and social workers work with our patients’ nephrologist and SNF care team to create a customized care plan, with daily face-to-face check-ins to best meet our patients’ unique and comprehensive needs.