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Dialyze Direct Celebrates National Kidney Month & World Kidney Day


Raises awareness of Onsite Dialysis in Skilled Nursing Facilities through a series of community events

During National Kidney Month and on World Kidney Day (WKD), March 9, Dialyze Direct, the nation’s largest provider of onsite dialysis in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), continues to raise awareness about the superior benefits of onsite staff-assisted dialysis care in SNFs through a series of community outreach and educational events in Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

Dialyze Direct’s Chief Nursing Officer Alice Hellebrand inaugurates the month with the poster presentation, What is the Future of CMS Anemia Management Standards for Post-acute Care Nursing Home Dialysis Patients, at the Annual Dialysis Conference, March 3-6 in Kansas City, MO. Hellebrand explains how more frequent dialysis (MFD), when medically appropriate, is allowing SNFs to accommodate patients with increasingly complex needs and reducing the time they spend in hospitals.

On March 15, Dialyze Direct will travel from Missouri to Illinois to join Meadowbrook Rehabilitation, an onsite dialysis partner, to co-sponsor a sold-out continuing education unit (CEU) event in Oakbrook. On March 25, Dialyze Direct’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Services Susan Markovich will present The Dialysis Dance: Medical Overview, Care Management, and Revenue Capture at another CEU event at Elmhurst Hospital. Markovich will speak about dialysis modality differences, the positive outcomes dialysis patients in SNFs are experiencing, the challenges of placing dialysis patients, and the staffing shortages that have impacted the healthcare industry. Mid-month, Dialyze Direct will march along with fellow kidney warriors at the Florida Renal Association Annual meeting and kidney walk March 12-14 in Tallahassee, FL, and the company will share the benefits of onsite dialysis in SNFs with American Case Manager Association case managers, discharge planners and the healthcare community in Ohio on March 10 and in Philadelphia on March 11.

“March’s focus on kidney health management emphasizes the importance of educating underserved markets about kidney failure options – including effective dialysis treatment with quality outcomes – ensuring patients suffering from kidney disease lead longer lives,” said Dr. Nathan Levin, Chairman of Dialyze Direct’s Medical Advisory Board. “We are proud our dialysis modality improves a process historically difficult on patients already suffering from a taxing illness. The exceptional outcomes patients experience while receiving dialysis care onsite in the Dialyze Direct dialysis dens are a direct result of collaborative, hardworking and dedicated dialysis nurses, social workers, dietitians, patient care technicians, nephrologists, and their supporting medical and executive teams.”

In addition to month-long efforts to raise awareness around kidney disease and ongoing research efforts in the United States, this month focuses attention on some of the essential medical professionals and issues in the dialysis industry. March is National Dietitian and Social Worker month, March 12 begins Patient Safety Week, March 28 is Diabetes Alert Day and March 30 is National Doctor Day.

About Dialyze Direct

Founded in 2015, Dialyze Direct is a leading kidney care innovation company that seeks breakthrough solutions for patients suffering from kidney disease. With a mission to build the next generation of kidney care, Dialyze Direct leverages its leading nephrology specialists to develop new methods and technology to evolve the treatment options nephrologists have at their disposal. Dialyze Direct pioneered significant changes to the existing treatment model for dialysis patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), in which many of the most medically challenging subsets of dialysis patients reside and has grown to become the nation’s largest provider of home dialysis in the SNF setting. Dialyze Direct’s innovative staff-assisted home hemodialysis treatment model entails a gentler, personalized treatment plan comprised of meticulously crafted protocols designed to tackle the unique fluid management challenges of geriatric dialysis patients, resulting in increased overall patient health and reduced hospitalizations while substantially decreasing costs for payors. Dialyze Direct currently operates in 14 states, with new operations launching in additional states.