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What Sets US Apart is Everything.

What Sets Your Facility Apart is US.

For an owner, operator or administrator looking for a “value proposition” that will resonate with prospective clients and simultaneously position their facility as a “leading-edge” provider, the advantages of “Going Direct” via an alliance with DialyzeDirect, are obvious.


Providing State-Of-The-Art, On-Site Dialysis Services Positions You as a Market Leader.

  • Increase Patient Census, and improve insurance reimbursements by increasing your case mix index.
  • Reduce hospitalizations amongst your dialysis patient population.
  • Simplify your care coordination by having your patients dialyze right at home and eliminating transportation to centers.
  • Maximize therapy reimbursement and RUG rates by keeping patients in-house and increasing reimbursable care.
  • Attract More Interest from the Community and Caregivers.
  • Increase Your “Brand Recognition” – Become Widely Known For Offering The Latest In Dialysis Care.

“As soon as you do what you think, and not what some other person has thought for you, you are on your way to doing the remarkable.”

-Sir James Matthew Barrie

As maximizing independence is becoming more and more important to patients and families researching rehabilitation and Long Term Care options, the benefits of offering our services are more compelling than ever. Our primary focus is on superior outcomes.  Our dialysis treatments are overseen by an experienced interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals with a shared focus on achieving better outcomes by implementing coordinated continuity of care.  This also results in reduced re-hospitalization rates as well as an overall improvement in the patient’s quality of life.


A Total Turnkey Solution With Minimal Demands on Your Operational Staff and Space:

  • Dialysis Equipment, Medications and Related Supplies
  • Highly-Trained Multidisciplinary Team Including Renal Dietitians and Social Workers
  • Registered Nurses, Practitioners and Technicians
  • Case Management and Anemia Management
  • Centralized Admissions and Monitoring with Regular Updates
  • Federal and State Regulatory Oversight
  • Full Range of Marketing and Support Materials
  • Employee and Staff Training to Better Understand Issues Associated with Dialysis Patients
  • Routine Educational Offerings for Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, and Residential Living Facility Employees


When a patient is discharged, coordination of care is almost as important as continuity of  treatments. That’s why our Interdisciplinary team will work with the long term care staff/ rehabilitation center to ensure continuation of care that will focus on better outcomes and reduce re-hospitalizations.


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