For Physicians


Dialyze Direct’s model of care uses a frequent HD modality that provides many clinical benefits: post dialysis fatigue is significantly lessoned, volume status comes much closer to ideal and hypertensive and phosphate binding medications are typically decreased. There is significant data to suggest that hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations are reduced. These benefits span across all age demographics and is especially critical to the geriatric population.

This is important because the frail and elderly often return to the nursing home from a hospitalization in a diminished physical condition. We utilize NxStage technology and patients average five (5) treatments (pursuant to a physician’s order) a week with treatment times averaging 2 hrs 45 minutes. With respect to patients residing in the nursing home, having hemodialysis on site will help patients avoid missed meals, missed physical therapy sessions and will reduce the considerable physical toll of travel and transportation issues that these patients experience. In addition to delivering an excellent dialysis treatment, by being on site almost every day, we make it a priority for our staff to coordinate care and cooperate with the nursing home staff; something that has been vary hard to achieve at arms-length distance when patients travel to a remote dialysis.

For those who do not have previous experience with the NxStage system(s), we have a strong support staff to help with the technical aspects of prescribing frequent HD, and unequivocally look forward to your clinical leadership which is built on your unique understanding of your patient’s medical condition(s). Together, we provide a high level of care that will ultimately give your patients the very best possible outcomes.

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