About Us

 Dialyze Direct’s mission is to deliver an exceptional dialysis experience that improves and enhances the quality of care and quality of life of each and every patient.

Our Mission

DialyzeDirect provides staff assisted home hemodialysis services to elderly patients with End Stage Renal Disease who reside in Nursing Homes.

Our mission is to deliver innovative and compassionate dialysis care to geriatric patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities, enhancing their quality of life while significantly reducing overall costs by improving outcomes, eliminating transportation and minimizing re-hospitalizations.

The Dialyze Direct program permits an unprecedented degree of on-site coordination of care and sharing information with the nursing home staff, with respect to ESRD care, that include nursing, dietary and social work collaboration. Dialyze Direct has re-purposed home dialysis technology, with enhanced and proprietary protocols that are better suited to the special needs of geriatric patients with multiple co-morbid conditions resulting in improved outcomes, shortened recovery times, increased rehab score gains and decreased re-hospitalizations.


  • Compassion:  To never accept loss of patient dignity as being “unavoidable” by doing whatever possible to improve every part of the treatment and treatment experience.
  • Teamwork and Technology:  To provide the highest standard of personalized renal care to our patients by embracing innovative technologies and traditional values — all overseen by a highly trained team of healthcare professionals who will never compromise the comfort, safety and well-being of our patients.
  • Dignity:  To enhance the quality of life for each and every patient by providing uncompromising care, comfort, respect, dignity and compassion.
  • Excellence: To relentlessly focus on achieving excellence — and redefining standards of care.

Dialyze Direct.


DialyzeDirect was founded by a group of individuals with the courage to ask “Why not?” instead of “Why?”

By challenging the status quo rather than accepting it, we took the first step of a journey which began by exploring methods of enhanced-care that could improve both the dialysis treatment ‘experience’, as well as the outcome.

Our focus on the difference enhanced-care made in the actual dialysis treatment inspired renowned nephrologists and other medical and healthcare professionals to join the DialyzeDirect team.

Additionally to attracting like-minded professionals, our passion and professionalism helped form an alliance with NxStage, a world leader in “patient centric” dialysis machines, and the enhanced treatment quality that invariably results from it. In addition to providing much needed solutions, this alliance validated our belief that there was a real need for a streamlined, patient-specific treatment model.  DialyzeDirect is that model.

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