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Signature HealthCARE to Collaborate with Staff-Assisted Home Hemodialysis Provider, Dialyze Direct

Published: 06/05/2019

Louisville, Ky. – June 5, 2019 – Signature HealthCARE has launched a collaboration with Dialyze Direct, a next-generation kidney care company that has created a unique care model specifically designed for End Stage Renal Disease patients residing in short-term, long-term, and rehabilitation facilities.

With traditional dialysis services, patients are required to leave the facility three times a week for treatments that require approximately four to five hours. This disrupts the flow of activity and day-to-day care individuals receive.

Under Dialyze Direct’s care, patients receive treatment on-site up to five times a week for approximately two and a half hours (under a physician’s order). Typical recovery time for this treatment protocol is thirty to sixty minutes versus conventional dialysis recovery time of eight to nine hours. Shorter, more frequent treatments with less recovery time allow for more activity time, less exhaustion, and better progression in therapy.

Aside from shorter recovery times, in-center dialysis also eliminates costly expenses associated with travel for traditional dialysis services and aligns more closely with how healthy kidneys should operate. Many studies have confirmed incenter hemodialysis causes less stress on the heart, better blood pressure control with fewer medications, and overall better mental and physical health resulting in lower hospitalization and mortality rates.

George Burkley, Chief Strategy Officer of Signature HealthCARE, anticipates a growth in business for the Signature facilities implementing Dialyze Direct, as these services are a major benefit for individuals with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). He said improved quality of life and decreased physical stress and strain on those being dialyzed are just some of the benefits he believes will be the most impactful.

“The Dialyze Direct approach to the treatment of ESRD is truly a new generation option that supports the national focus of providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time, in a way that reduces the cost of care while improving the experience of those being served,” Burkley said.

The Dialyze Direct team collaborates with the skilled nursing team, and rehab care team, as well as the patient’s nephrologist to coordinate a plan of care to improve patient outcomes. The staff at Dialyze Direct perform and manage the treatments and medications from start to finish, working closely with caregivers to educate them so they can offer more individualized care with better results.

“Through partnerships with leading care providers such as Signature HealthCARE, Dialyze Direct is connecting more patients with an in-home hemodialysis model that reduces costs and hospitalizations while improving outcomes,” said Josh Rothenberg, Chief Operating Officer of Dialyze Direct. “Improving dialysis patient outcomes will enable Signature HealthCARE to spend more of their time focusing on core therapies, rather than the complications that arise as a result of traditional outpatient dialysis.”

A letter of intent has been executed between Signature HealthCARE and Dialyze Direct. Signature HealthCARE has already initiated pilots in two of its facilities and is continuing to expand Dialyze Direct to more locations.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with an innovative specialty care provider,” Burkley said. “Creating relationships between dedicated, progressive, mission-oriented organizations is empowering, supports a strong culture, further innovation, and more importantly improves the care we provide.”


Signature HealthCARE is a family-based healthcare company that offers integrated services in 10 states across the continuum of care: skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, home health, cognitive care, and telemedicine. The company’s organizational culture inspires more than 17,000 employees with three pillars: learning, spirituality, and innovation. A growing number of Signature HealthCARE centers are earning quality assurance accreditation, the highest classification from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and 103 Signature HealthCARE locations earned QAPI accreditation. Inc. 5000 recognized Signature HealthCARE most recently on its 2017 list of fastest growing private companies, and they have been awarded Great Place to Work for two years in a row.

Dialyze Direct is a leading kidney care innovation company, pioneering breakthrough solutions for patients suffering from kidney disease. Dialyze Direct has created a dialysis model resulting in significantly improved patient outcomes and quality of life while substantially decreasing costs for payors. With a mission to build the next generation of kidney care, Dialyze Direct works with the world’s leading nephrology talent to develop new methods and technology to evolve the treatment options nephrologists have at their disposal. Dialyze Direct has launched operations in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, and is in the final stage of launching operations in an additional five states.