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Dialyze Partners with Easy Water for Everyone to Support Expansion to 12 New Sites in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 04/21/2020

Charity uses dialyzers to create clean drinking water for rural African communities

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dialyze Direct, a leading kidney care innovation company, today announced its collaboration with Easy Water for Everyone, an organization devoted to bringing pure and safe drinking water to those in underserved rural communities. Since the relationship was established in the spring of 2019, Dialyze Direct has enabled Easy Water for Everyone to add 12 villages in Ghana, providing an estimated 6,000 people with access to clean water each day.

Easy Water for Everyone was founded by Linda Donald and Dr. Nathan Levin in May 2015 to utilize resterilized hemodialyzers in a system that can efficiently purify grossly contaminated water for those without access to properly treated drinking water due to lack of any type of infrastructure. Given that the process can provide medical-grade water filtration without any electricity, they saw a unique opportunity to serve the many communities in Africa that are often overlooked by current water treatment programs due to their remote location and lack of infrastructure.

Dr. Levin, a prominent nephrology researcher and physician also serves as Dialyze Direct’s Director of Research and the Chairman of its medical advisory board. Much like his contributions to Dialyze Direct, Dr. Levin’s innovations at Easy Water for Everyone have been instrumental in ensuring that underserved, at-risk individuals have access to essential services that enable them to live healthier lives. Linda Donald, who also serves as an advisor to Dialyze Direct, is a veteran kidney care executive, having managed 190 facilities across 12 states served by over 6,300 employees as President of Fresenius Medical Care’s North and West Business Units as well as co-founder and President  of the Renal Research Institute, USA.

“Our mission at Dialyze Direct has always been to help the voiceless and vulnerable receive the care they need to live empowered and full lives,” said Gerald Levin, Chief Mission Officer at Dialyze Direct and former CEO of Time Warner and HBO. “Children and infants in these villages have an extremely high risk for kidney disease given current contaminated water, and our shared commitment comes from our dedication to the preservation of human dignity through health care, in this case preventative care. Our philanthropic work shares the same values and ethos as our core business, and we intend to continue to make strategic efforts towards Easy Water for Everyone’s future development as a new leader in pure water solutions in Africa.”

At the moment, Easy Water for Everyone primarily serves communities in West Africa, providing pure water to 16,000 people across 35 villages.  They are currently capable of producing in excess of 50,000 liters of pure water daily.  The device that Easy Water for Everyone utilizes  operates independently of any electrical grid, using gravity or a hand pump to feed water through the hemodialyzers, which are capable of removing 100% of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In addition to its multiple sites in Ghana, a site has been installed recently in Uganda and devices will be established in Senegal in early February.  Dialyze Direct is collaborating with Easy Water for Everyone in studying the feasibility of applying its methods elsewhere in the world.

About Easy Water forEveryone
Founded by Linda Donald and Dr. Nathan Levin, Easy Water for Everyone is a non-profit organization with the mission to bring pure and safe drinking water to every person who lives in a rural community with no access to electricity.  www.easywaterforeveryone.org

Source: Dialyze Direct