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Dialyze Direct Completes Acquisition of Affiliated Dialysis Centers

Published: 02/04/2019

Dialyze Direct is now the largest provider of on-site home hemodialysis in nursing homes in the U.S.

NEW YORK, NY February 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dialyze Direct, LLC, has completed its previously announced acquisition of Affiliated Dialysis Centers, LLC, an established dialysis provider in the Midwest, making Dialyze Direct the largest provider of staff-assisted home hemodialysis services in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in the United States.

“Dialyze Direct has succeeded in developing a distinct model of innovative and compassionate care that has been redefining expectations for on-site dialysis services and will become the standard for geriatric dialysis to SNF patients across the nation,” said Henry Kauftheil, Chairman of Dialyze Direct. “We are excited to have the opportunity to take the reins on the patient-focused dialysis business built by the talented Affiliated team over the last 16 years and drive its patient care model to the next level to meet the needs of today’s market.”

This acquisition provides Dialyze Direct with the opportunity to build upon Affiliated’s established and well-regarded SNF dialysis business by elevating it to Dialyze Direct’s unique outcome-driven model, which provides a comprehensive turn-key solution for SNF customers. Led by its world-class clinical team, Dialyze Direct has achieved exceptional outcomes for the geriatric dialysis demographic, significantly relieving operational and financial burdens for all stakeholders involved, including SNFs, hospitals and payors.

The Affiliated Dialysis Centers operations acquired by Dialyze Direct consist of an established business in Illinois with a wide footprint covering SNF dialysis, outpatient clinic dialysis and home dialysis services, as well as recent SNF dialysis operations in Ohio and the development of new SNF dialysis operations in Indiana. This transaction represents a strong strategic fit aligned with Dialyze Direct’s vison and strategy and accelerates Dialyze Direct’s nationwide growth. The acquisition also adds operational scale for Dialyze Direct and is expected to achieve operating synergies and cost savings in the integration of the business.

“Dialyze Direct views the newly-acquired operations in Illinois as the ideal springboard for further expansion into other Midwestern states, including Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin” said Josh Rothenberg, Chief Operating Officer of Dialyze Direct. “With a shared dedication to superb patient care, we look forward to the successful integration of the Affiliated team into the Dialyze Direct family, and continuing to extend our new standard for geriatric dialysis across the country.”

About Dialyze Direct

Dialyze Direct’s core mission is to improve the dignity and quality of life of geriatric patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), while significantly reducing the overall costs of these patients to the healthcare system. Dialyze Direct delivers dialysis care with a gentler form of treatment built around more frequent dialysis sessions (pursuant to a physician’s order) using the NxStage System One with modified treatment protocols. Dialyze Direct created a unique model of care combining direct oversight with enhanced and proprietary protocols and procedures specifically designed for geriatric ESRD patients in skilled nursing facilities, through which Dialyze Direct has been able to achieve significantly improved outcomes in this population segment while reducing overall payor costs by eliminating transportation, minimizing re-hospitalizations, and improving the overall health of patients. Dialyze Direct currently provides services in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

For Inquiries, contact: press@dialyzedirect.com