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Brooklyn-based Dialyze Direct completes Midwest acquisition

Published: 02/07/2019

Dialyze Direct, based in Brooklyn, has completed its acquisition of Midwest provider Affiliated Dialysis Centers.

The acquisition, which closed Jan. 31, is part of the dialysis-services company’s national expansion, Chairman Henry Kauftheil said.

Outside of New York, Dialyze Direct currently provides services in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. The company, which is now the nation’s largest provider of staffassisted hemodialysis services in skilled nursing facilities, said it expects to be in a dozen states by the end of this year.

About 30 million U.S. adults have chronic kidney disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with about 340 people beginning dialysis treatment for kidney failure every 24 hours.

“We’re very focused on finding innovative, creative solutions that will make these people’s lives and treatment as comfortable as possible,” Kauftheil said.

Dialyze Direct brings what it calls more gentle and frequent dialysis into patients’ facilities, aimed at “reduced recovery time that allows them to participate in activities and rehabilitative services,” he said. The model also is designed to provide a cost benefit to providers and payers, in part by reducing patient transportation, infection rates and hospital readmissions.

Treating Medicare beneficiaries with chronic kidney disease cost more than $79 billion in 2016, the CDC said, adding that treating individuals with end-stage renal disease cost an additional $35 billion.